In order to make sure you purchase an item that fits you perfectly, we have put together a simple clothing size chart that will help you size yourself correctly. 

If you are intersted in a pair of jeans and not sure what size you require, you can use our easy jeans size chart that will make sure you pick the right size.

Our jeans are "low rise" jeans and do not sit on the waistline.

• The measurements in the table below will be approximate to the nearest 1-1.5 inch.

• Each waistband measurement does not include 'stretch', which can be an extra 2-3 inches.

• Use the rise measurement which varies from jean to jean and will be in each item  description.The rise measurement goes from the crotch seam up towards the top of the waistband.

Take the rise measurement from the item description using a tape measure, measure up from under the crotch towards the navel, stop at the given 'rise' measurement. At this point, take the measure around the body. This is the measurement you need the waistband of the jeans to be, but don't forget to allow for an additional stretch of the waistband as mentioned above.